1.Let’s Remove Drunk Driving(消除酒醉驾车)

Drunk driving is big problem we must work out. Because it is not good for our society. To solve this problem, I came up with many ideas, we could fine drunk drivers much more money. Second, we must make signs reminding people that it is wrong to drink and drive. Finally, we can promulgate the drunk driver’s name. People always care about their honor, so it will be a very useful way to stop them from drunk driving.

2.My Idol(我的偶像)

David Tao is my favorite pop singer who is good at R&B and rook music. He was born in Taiwan and living in America now. He speaks both English and Chinese well. I like his talent. Because he can not only sing good songs but also write beautiful compositions. He is a person of uncommon brilliance. I am sorrowful because he has a girlfriend whose name is Melody. But I will give them my best wishes. I will always support David Tao.

3.My Favorite Animal(我最喜爱的动物)

My favorite animal is dolphin. They live in the ocean and good at swimming. Dolphins are cute and beautiful. They not only swim fast, but are also smart. Most of dolphins’ color is gray, only a small number of it are white. Though they look like fish, they are mammals. Because of their high IQ, dolphins can be trained by people. They can learn things very quickly and do all the actions accurate. They are very friendly, so I love them very much.

4. The Earth——Our Mother

The earth is like our mother. She gives life to all the living things on the earth. Once she was beautiful and rich, but now she becomes dirty and poor. Polluted rivers , the destruction of the forests and wild life, and the depletion of the ozone layer…It is due to what we have done to her. Floods, draughts, acid rain…, these are the punishments from nature. We should save the earth so as to save ourselves.

5.Problem 污染

Nowadays “pollution” is a serious threat to us, because it means the poisoning of the air, seas, rivers and lands. The poisonous smoke coming from factories pollutes the air. In rivers, seas and oceans, there are industrial wastes. When people drink the water from such rivers, they get poisoned. Besides, there is rubbish from ships and when sometimes an accident occurs in an ocean, oil flows out from tankers. If we don’t fight against pollution, surely one day all of us will be killed.

6.As Chinese pay attention to the manners when having dinner very much, I should tell you something about that. First, remember that you can start only after the order start. If you start earlier, you will be regarded as an unpolite person. Second, you had better don't make noise when you are eating. The sound when you use the chopsticks, spoon and bowl should be avoided. Third, Chinese would like to have dinner together. People eat the same dishes. If someone give you dishes, you should say "Thank you". Chinese always do that to their guest. Please remember that and I wish you have a good time.

7.As we all know,our country and all the people are try to built up a harmonious society. with the development of our country ,the economy of our country developed very fast. I think not only the society ,but also the society and the nature ,every singal human and all creature should harmonious . Every student should do their best to countribute to built a better society.Only with this way we can live better.

8.Currently,my school is launching an activity whose theme is that actions change the world to advocate the low carbon living. In the activity,we are required to go to school or some other place by bike or by foot as much as possible instead of by bus.And when the Christmas comes,sending e-greeting cards instead of tridional cards of which are made of wood as we know.Besides,we should use both sides of every piece of paper and we should save water as well as electricity. I believe that only we do thus can we have a better living environment.

9.Today's society is a highly developed technological society. However, the shortcomings in the development process are obvious, such as: carbon dioxide, and environmental pollution. But the most serious should be the carbon dioxide problem. Now the problem of global warming because of excess emissions of greenhouse gases. Excessive amount of carbon dioxide emissions, creating a diversified economy and La Nina phenomena lag disorder. Two levels of glaciers melting, polar animals lose their chanceof survival at the same time, will lead to rising sea levels, many coastal cities into the water did not result in a few years later. Therefore, we must take the necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact of carbon dioxide. From Joozone.com. For example: tree-planting activities, reduce fossil fuel use, we can from our own, to promote low-carbon living.

10.This winter holiday, I went to Kunming with my family. Kunming is a very beautiful city, I think. The sky is blue and the air is clean. You can see many kinds of nice flowers everywhere. The weather there is great. It′s never too hot or too cold all the year round, so people always call it "Spring City". Kunming is surrounded by beautiful scenery. And one of the most famous views is "The Stone Forest". It is really scenic. We just stayed in Kunming for six days, but I felt very happy, and I like kunming very much.



my name is Lihua.i live in shanghai now.i'm a student at school.i like sports.ilike collectting stamps too.i can sing English song very well.i also like it.my classmates want to make friends on the Internet.if youcan help me,please e-mail me.i want to go to England this summer.i hope you can give me some information about it

yours sincerely



 People will be become more and more richer in the future.Everything will change.For example: we didn't go to schoool for study, we only stay at home to teach ourselves with computer. No matter where we want to go, we only have a thought.We can go to other plannets without anyone's help. If we want to buy something,we only press a key,a robbet will help us.I think our life in the future will be more interesting and wonderful.  在未来,人们会越来越富有,每件事都会改变。例如:我们不必再去学校学习,我们可以呆在家里用电脑学习。无论我们想去那,只需要一个想法,我们不需要任何人的帮助便可以去别的星球。如果我们想买些东西,我们只需要一个按纽,机器人便会帮助我们。我想我们未来的生活是多么的有趣和精彩。