In spring, the days get warmer and warmer, the sky is blue, the air is clean, the trees and grass turn green, and all kinds of flowers are beautiful. There are so many beautiful things.

In spring, I can store my winter's clothes in the bag under my bed and put on the sweater or other spring's clothes. They're colorful and trendy. I can do enough outdoor activities, like flying kites.

In spring, I like going out for a walk when it rains. I think it's a wonderful thing. The rain washes away the drought of winter and brings in nice and wet air.

Spring is the most beautiful and the most wonderful season. I love everything that the spring brings. When you finish reading this passage, I hope you will love spring, too.



  Spring is the warmest and best season of the year. A lot of flowers come out. They are red, yellow, white and orange. The trees turn green and the sky turns blue. The weather gets warmer and the days get longer. All things are getting beautiful.


Spring in my hometownIn my hometown, spring is considered as a symbol of life and hope. With the higher temperature, the flowers bloom and the crops grow. Many people hold special ceremony to pray for a harvest in this year as well as happiness.翻译:在我的家乡,春天被认为是生命和希望的象征。随着温度的升高,花儿开了,庄稼长得更高了。许多人举行特别仪式,为今年的丰收和幸福祈祷。